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Our next play

Brentwood Shakespeare Company - bringing Shakespeare to life!
Shakespeare's farcical ‘The Comedy of Errors’ is BSC's next production - show dates 1-3 March 2018 at Brentwood Theatre. Whether or not you are familiar with this play we can promise you a fun and entertaining evening. Set in the Hollywood of the late silent movies/early talkies, this whacky story - about two sets of identical twins, mistaken identities, a quest, and love - is bound to make you smile. With live music and colourful costumes, this fanciful production promises a great night out.

Audition Notice

Hello All 

The first casting session for Brentwood Shakespeare Company's forthcoming production of  'The Comedy of  Errors' was held on Saturday 7 October at Friends Hall, Shenfield, Essex. A further session will be held at the end of October - more news soon.
The show performs at Brentwood Theatre on 1-3 March, 2018 and will be directed by Chrissie O'Connor. Rehearsals will begin in December. Enquiries to brentwoodshakespeare@gmail.com

Kind regards

BSC Committee

Next Brentwood Shakespeare Company Production

The Comedy of Errors 

Directed by Chrissie O'Connor

Brentwood Theatre
Shenfield Road
CM15 8AG

1-3 March 2018 

Shakespeare's farcical comedy about two sets of twins, mistaken identities, a quest ... surely it must end happily ever after?

Set in the Hollywood of the late silent movies/early talkies, this fun and fanciful production will be entertaining for those who know the play, and a great introduction to Shakespeare for anyone who doesn't! 

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Brentwood Shakespeare Company

2011 Production - Hamlet

Prince Hamlet returns from University to find that his father the king is dead and that his mother has married his uncle Claudius. When Hamlet learns that his father has in fact been murdered, he is faced with a stark choice: to avenge the murder and face the consequences......... or to step back and risk shame and assassination. What stand do you take in life? What is courage? How can he resolve this existential crisis?

BSC presents Shakespeare’s timeless dissection of a family in chaos and a noble mind in turmoil.

Book now on 01277 200305 for the cultural highlight of the current Brentwood Theatre season.

Our 2009 Production

BSC were proud to perform their 2009 production on 21 to 25 April 2009 at Brentwood Theatre. Great audiences and great comments confirmed that this was a triumph for BSC.

Twelfth Night

Directed by Glenda Abbott (director of the eight times Brents nominated Othello)

The most romantic and English of Shakespeare’s comedies.

Spring 2008 - Othello

In 2008 we scaled the heights of one of Shakespeare’s most passionate and tragic plays - Othello, directedf by Glenda Abbott.

Our cast was:-

Othello Ray Johnson
Desdemona Romy Brooks
Iago Elliot Porte
Emilia Lindsay Hollingsworth
Cassio Paul Sparrowham
Bianca Sarah Thompson
Brabantio Brian Terry
Lodovico Alan Ablewhite
Roderigo Sam White
Duke Ivor Jevons
Montano Alan Thorley
Gratiano Barry Howlett
Messengers, Senators etc Trevor Jones, Lisa Mathews, Sue Scott and Sam Thorley
Lighting Patrick Stevens
Stage Director Peter Farenden

Sprilng 2007 - Richerd IIII

The devious machinations of the deformed villain, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, will lead you down a trail of treachery.

The cast was...

King Edward - Brian Terry

George, Duke of Clarence - Kevin O’Connor

Richard, Duke of Gloucester, later King Richard III - Neil Gray

Duchess of York, mother to King Edward IV - Lesley Curtis


Queen Margaret, widow of King Henry VI - Lorraine Ely

Lady Anne - Romy Brooks


Queen Elizabeth, wife to King Edward IV - Chrissie O’Connor

Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers - Vernon Keeble–Watson

Marquess of Dorset, son to Queen Elizabeth - Abigail Farenden

Lord Grey, son to Queen Elizabeth - Stuart Hull


Lord Hastings, Lord Chamberlain - Martin Final

Duke of Buckingham - John Gadd

Lord Stanley, The Earl of Derby - Ivor Jevons

Bishop of Ely - John Morton

Lord Mayor of London - Jessica Randell


Sir William Catesby - Bill Wells

Sir Richard Ratcliffe - Danny Kingston

Sir James Tyrrel - Alan Ablewhite

First Murderer - Bill Wells

Second Murderer - Peter Farenden

Lord Lovel, Duke of Norfolf - Trevor Jones


Sir Robert Brakenbury, Lieutenant of the Tower - Barry Davis


Henry, Earl of Richmond, later King Henry VII - Lionel Bishop

Sir James Blunt - Nigel Smith


Leader of Citizens, Messengers etc - Karen Osenton

Citizens, Messengers - Lin Pollitt, Darren Hannant, Nigel Smith

Spring 2006 - A Midsummer Night's dream

The production is an ensemble production with a cast of 15 or so, many of whom are doubling. Thus nearly all the characters in "real life" in Athens are mirrored in the "dream world" of the forest. Theseus and Hippolyta becomes Oberon and Titania; Philostrate and Egeus become Puck and the Fairy, and some of the "mechanicals" become the fairies Moth, Mustardseed etc. The emphasis is on the farce, the poetry.........and the dark undertow.

Directed by Alan Ablewhite

Spring 2005 - The Merchant of venice

Antonio, a rich merchant, risks his life for his lover, who gambles it for love and money. Jessica risks her father's love for her own happiness; while Shylock risks everything for revenge. And Portia, for love, risks discovery in a desparate plan to save her husband's lover. The award winning BSC presents a dark comedy of love, hate and hazzard.
At first glance, modern "political correctness" could almost rule-out putting on this play. But to a perceptive audience, the play will show why Shylock behaves as he does and why his behavior is no worse or no better that that of the Christians. Shylock makes a generous offer of an interest-free loan even though that is how he makes his living. He does this because he is taunted that Christians will make interest-free loans to each other, and he wants to stop himself and his people being seen as third class citizens - "dogs to be spat upon and mistreated". After all the years of being so badly treated, that offer is mocked, it is the last straw and so it is understandable that he thinks in terms of revenge.
So already we can see that the play is as much anti-Christian as it is anti-Semitic - in fact it is a play about the human condition and behaviour in extremes. Shylock is pushed to his limits by the racism of the society in which he lives and perhaps his only real guilt is that of being human.
And the pound of flesh? It starts as a joke - howbeit the joke of an embittered man. But, by the time of the trial, he has been unhinged by his daughter's betrayal and he sees the "pound of flesh" as the key to his revenge for the misery he and his community are suffering at the hands of the Christians.
We see in this play some of the worst in human nature but if we put ourselves in Shylock's shoes, how many of us would react differently? Come and see this powerful and thought-provoking play and then ask yourself how you would react.

Our Director will be Alan Ablewhite.
The all star line up is:
Antonio - Brian Terry
Bassanio - Neil Gray
Portia - Clare Azeem
Nerissa - Lorraine Ely
Shylock - John Gadd
Gratiano - Guy Harding
Saleria - Louise O'Connor
Solania - Jean Summers
Lorenzo - Matt Polley
Jessica - Victoria Hendley
Morocco - Martin Goldstone
Duke and Arragon - Ifor Jevons
Launcelot and Tubal - David Pitchford
Balthasar and Clerk - Trevor Jones

Spring 2004 - The Taming of the Shrew

"I will not shy away from it" Says Director David Toltek Set in Italy of today, specifically in the power-house outward looking atmosphere of the north. An invigorating society of contrasts - football/opera, machismo/feminism, old/ new, catholicism/secularism - and where anything 'new' is rapaciously absorbed and re-invented in a way that only Italians can do with such style. You can be sure that this will be a production that will have you rivited to your seat.

The Cast
Baptista Minola - Brian Terry
Katerina - Laura Kelly
Petruchio - Michael Keane
Grumio - Bill Wells
Curtis - Trevor Jones
Tailor/Haberdasher - Louise O'Connor
Bianca - Victoria Hendly
Gremio - Alan Ablewhite
Hortensio -Alec Gregory
Lucentio - Adam Moulder
Tranio - Guy Harding
Biondello - Barry Davis
Vincentio - Alan Thorley
A Pedant - Les Rictus
A Widow - Lindaey Crutchett
Officer - Danial Fryd
Servants Debbie J Nash, Georgina Rodney-Jones, Laura Grogan

Spring 2003 - Macbeth

From Director Rob West comes what is probably Shakespeare's most famous play. It will be amazing.

Spring 2002 - The Merry Wives of Windsor

The Merry Wives Of Windsor

Shakespeare's rural comedy, which features the ever-popular Falstaff.

Director David Toltek writes: " This is the only comedy which Shakespeare set in England. It is a play of mangled language and relationships. The pace is fast and furious. We will be setting the play in the context of an English rural middle class society where the man had his "castle", work, pets, friends, children and his wife (probably in that order of priority!). However, the women are rebelling - they are bored with their lot and, just for the fun of it, begin to make mischief. Apart from the obvious "romp" aspects of the play, in this production we will explore the darker side of human kind. There is a vicious gulling of a foolish fat man including, in Windsor Forest, an actual bodily assault of the poor wretch. The forced, arranged marriage of a pretty, young girl.
There are even hints at racial prejudice with the kaleidoscope of regional accents that the play demands, not to mention a Frenchman who verges on the incomprehensible. And, of course, greed and avarice. The play contains many cameo parts that, without exception, are fun to play. Every single person in the play has failings and once their character defect is identified, the rest will fall into place.
Our Players
George Page - Brian Terry
Mistress Page - Lorraine Ely
Anne Page - Grace Claydon
William Page - Adam Moulder
Frank Ford - Stephen Prater
Mistree Ford - Lesley Curtis-Waller
John - Trevor Jones
Robert - Ray Howes
Sir Hugh Evans - Michael Keane
Doctor Caius - John Gadd
Mistress Quickly - Glenda Abbott
John Rugby - Alec Gregory
Host - Barry Barnett
Fenton - Adam Bagshaw
Sir John Falstaff - Julian Jones
Robin - Jonathan Fincham
Bardolph - David Laws
Pistol - Barry Davis
Nym - Martin Goldstone
Robert Shallow - Alan Ablewhite
Abraham Slender - Dean Marriott
Simple - Jenny Kenyon
Townspeople Debbie Nash, Kate Williamson and Boys & Girls from Brentwood Preparatory School

Spring 2001 - Romeo and Juliet

Imagine Italy - 1950's
Black & White - Grainy
Sharp Armani Suits
Sharper wit
Atmosphere - electric

(Mary Redman's article from The Brentwood Gazette)
SHARPLY tailored Armani-type suits, designer violence and a stunning silver and gold set are the keynotes of David Cottis's forthcoming production of Romeo and Juliet for Brentwood Shakespeare Company. The set alone has taken £250-worth of gold paint in this 1950s, La Doice Vita-style, new money versus old money version of Shakespeare's timeless love story.
Director Cottis is literary manager of London's Etcetera Theatre in Islington and the set has been created by professional London designer Irene Stewart. Stewards theatrical pedigree includes having been trained by the legendary Motley team of stage designers. For the first time the Brentwood Theatre will be used in traverse form so that the opposing families of nouveau riche Montagues and upper middle class Capulets will be confronting each other in a face-off which can only lead to tragedy. The stage fights have been choreographed by Dan Shadrake from Basildon who worked professionally on the film Gladiator. On keyboards The backing music of 1950s' jazz classics will be played live on stage by local young musicians Alex Rushent on guitar, Mayflower School pupil Adam Morris on keyboards and Alistair Bennett down from Cambridge to play sax.
With a predominantly young cast the production is lively, witty, violent, tragic and scheduled to run at a fast and furious pace lasting no longer than Shakespeare's famous "two hours traffic of the stage." This really should be an interesting new look at Shakespeare which will be relevant and accessible for all types of audience. Romeo and Juliet runs at the Brentwood Theatre from April 3 until April 7 at 8pm nightly.
The Tuesday performance is a special preview with what will be an interesting pre-show talk by director David Cottis. On this night there is a special offer of one free £5.50 ticket with every 10 purchased. Tickets for other performances cost £7.50 with £5.50 concessions on Wednesday and Thursday only, available on 01277 200300 or possibly at the door. The lead role of Juliet is being played by Claire Miller (a familiar voice on Essex FM) while Neil Gray acts as Romeo in the production which will certainly be different from the normal Romeo and Juliet offering.

Spring 2000 - The Winter's tale

LEONTES - David Toltek
POLIXENES - Martin Final
HERMIONE - Jean Summers
PERDITA - Joanna Butler
FLORIZEL - JohnHeffeman
CAMILLO - NickLevene
PAULINA - Lesley Curtis
AUTOLYCUS - Alan Ablewhite
OLD SHEPHERD - Bryan Terry
CLOWN - David Pitchford
MAMILLIUS - Thomas Gupta
TIME - Denise Chamberlain
EMILIA - Jennifer Godwin
MOPSA - Sarah Webb
DORCAS - Debbie Nash
CLEOMENES - Sue Maybee
DION - Barbara Petho
ARCHIDAMUS - Stephen Prater

Spring 1999 - Twelvth Night

From award- winning Director David Toltek
You saw:
A Sumptuous Art Deco Set from award-winner Barry Davis
Gorgeous Thirties Costumes
A sexy slinky Olivia
Orsino as you've never seen him before - angry, frustrated
Agucheek - yes.... She !!!!